South Korea through the eyes of tour operators: unusual in the Jeolla region

Южная Корея глазами туроператоров: необычное в регионе Чолла

In the provinces of Jeolla-Pukto and Jeolla-Namdo, impressive locations are collected – from masterpieces of ancient architecture to spectacular nature and legendary cuisine. Using the tourist opportunities of these regions and their author’s approach, tour operators have created routes that can inspire. Let’s focus on the original programs of three travel companies.


South Korea, and especially its provinces of Jeolla-Pukto and Jeolla-Namdo, can be safely chosen by tourists who want to get a trip filled with non-trivial details and bright accents. And the organization of such an original trip can also be safely trusted to tour operators whose South Korean tours are full of creativity and comfort.

The journey through the Jeolla region always includes an independent city, the city of Gwangju, which is geographically located inside the Jeolla-Namdo province. The programs of tour operators include all top locations.

Южная Корея глазами туроператоров: необычное в регионе Чолла

South Korea, nature. Photo: NOTK

Let’s focus on the vivid details of the programs for the Cholla region of tour operators ITM group, VAND and Jet Travel.

Before you “paint” a trip to South Korea with juicy colors, we remind you that Russians do not need a visa to enter the country. It is only necessary to issue an electronic permit to enter the country K-ETA.

All South Korean tour operator programs start in Seoul, where tourists get mainly with one transfer from Moscow. 


Food is the calling card of the provinces of Jeolla-Pukto, Jeolla-Namdo and the city of Gwangju. Such world-famous South Korean dishes as “pibimpap” (rice mixed with various ingredients), bugak chips, chuotan soup were born there.

Tourists taste these delicacies in colorful historical locations, for example, near the Sonunsa Temple of 577, in the village of traditional Hanok houses. And they not only try, but also cook themselves.

Южная Корея глазами туроператоров: необычное в регионе Чолла

National cuisine is a separate reason to come to the “hinterland” of Korea. Photo: NOTK

Culinary workshops give individuality to South Korean recreation, and therefore tourists, of course, love such leisure.  For example, people come to the Gwangju Traditional Culture Center to learn how to cook traditional dishes of the Southern region from such masters of ceremonial culinary art as Choi Yeonja.

Gwangju, by the way, is known for the samhap dish, which is prepared here from stingray, boiled pork and kimchi.

If we talk about the bright touches of a gastronomic holiday in Jeolla-Pukto, then this is the village of Hanok. Among other things, culinary workshops are also held there, tourists learn how to cook traditional dishes. No less delight gives guests the creation of their own drawings on their own clothes.


In continuation of the handmade theme – shopping in South Korea. It is difficult to overestimate it: you can really buy absolutely everything in this country – from the famous cosmetics to the latest creations of Korean designers. They say that when arranging a shopping marathon in South Korea, you need to fantasize as boldly as possible, making the most original purchases.

There is no doubt that the search for fashionable treasures will be crowned with success anywhere in South Korea. Jeolla-Pukto, Jeolla-Namdo and Gwangju are no exception. As part of an organized trip to these regions, tourists will have time to visit Chunchanro fashion Street.

There, in the main shopping district of Gwangju, there is a truly dizzying selection of shops with things of global and local brands. It will definitely not be difficult to assemble a trendy wardrobe.

It will be possible to find there, of course, the famous Korean cosmetics, as well as traditional Korean products – exquisite ceramics, hanji paper, hanboki dress, and much more. Anticipating the questions, we will answer – there are a lot of discounts in stores, prices “do not bite”, and you can get tax-free for your purchases.

The doors of another “shopping paradise” are open to tourists at the “market at Gwangju Seongjong Station 1913”.Interesting designer items of different price levels are concentrated there.


Authenticity in South Korea is of the highest standard, in the Jeolla region it is harmoniously integrated into modernity.

Authenticity also lives in cultural villages – in the village of traditional hanok houses in Jeonju, in the historical cultural village of Yannim, in the village of Penguin Village. In all these locations, you can feel the breath of the past and, if desired, even become a part of it. To do this, you need to put on traditional outfits, rented, and go to a photo shoot.

Южная Корея глазами туроператоров: необычное в регионе Чолла

National the villages of South Korea are an occasion for an excellent excursion. Photo: NOTK

The most popular photo location of Yannim village is Lee Chang–woo’s house, made in two styles – traditional Korean and “modern” of the 19th century. Impressive will be the photos in the village of Penguin Village, whose streets are amusingly decorated with things filled with memories.

But perhaps the most spectacular photos “with greetings from the past” are obtained in the village of Hanok. There is no need to look for locations there, they are everywhere. There are about 800 traditional Korean houses in the village and life there still preserves ancient traditions.


Nature has not deprived South Korea of attention, on the contrary, it appears in this country in its best images. And, of course, tourists have the opportunity to touch its beauty.

All lovers of contemplative and active recreation should definitely visit Chirisan National Park, the first and largest in South Korea. It is located in Jeolla-Namdo province.

The scenarios of recreation there can be completely different – you can go hiking, admiring waterfalls, rivers, forests and mountains along the way, or, for example, go to the elegant temple of Khwaoms, on the territory of which there is a very beautiful cherry alley and many monuments of ancient culture. 

Tadohe National Park, which includes about 1,700 islands, and Suncheonman Bay, together with the entire area of the city of Suncheon, recognized as a UNESCO biosphere Reserve, adds a special charm to the natural image of Jeolla-Namdo.

Южная Корея глазами туроператоров: необычное в регионе Чолла

Nature in South Korea’s Jeolla-Namdo province sets you up for meditation. Photo: NOTK

And on the border of the provinces of Jeolla-Pukto and Jeolla-Namdo, the Nezhansan National Park is waiting for lovers of mountain panoramas. There you can enjoy the view of the Pegamsan, Ibamsan and Nezhansan mountains. Especially colorful, and therefore crowded, in the park in autumn and spring.

In fact, tourist South Korea does not have seasonal “collections”, you can relax here fervently and interestingly at any time of the year. As for the format and fullness of the rest, tour operators, with an appropriate request, will be able to build a trip for individual, non-standard requests of tourists.

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