10 World Delicacies Worth Trying

At the heart of every unforgettable journey lies an unexplored world of flavors and aromas. The culinary experience during the trip is a real introduction to the culture, traditions and history of each country visited. The food is part of the local history, love and hospitality.

The aroma of spices from the local market, such as the best meat delicacies, all create a unique symphony orchestra reflecting the local character and taste.

At the same time, it is a guarantee of understanding, communication and harmony with the new environment, because gastronomy is a language that is understandable to everyone, regardless of nationality and linguistic affiliation.

We have collected for you 10 of the most delicious and unique dishes that you can try while traveling.

10 World Delicacies Worth Trying

Swallow’s Nest Soup (China)

In China, they prepare an amazing delicacy – swallow’s nest soup. This food is considered one of the most expensive in the world, but it is difficult to get it. The nests are made of swallow saliva, which creates a unique taste and texture. This soup can be ordered at luxury restaurants offering exclusive culinary experiences.

Octopus ice cream (Japan)

Tourists looking for an answer to the question, what delicious seafood dishes are there?They will appreciate the special tastes of Japan. And this ice cream is one of them. The delicious taste of octopus combined with the tenderness of ice cream creates a special delicacy. This dessert can be eaten in various gastronomic establishments in Japan.


Surstreming (Norway)

Norway can become a real entertainment for gourmets – pickled herring in a jar. The signature dish has a very strong smell, so it is recommended to open the jar outdoors. This dish is often of interest to tourists who are trying to test their culinary endurance.

10 World Delicacies Worth Trying

Akutak (Eskimo dessert)

The cuisine of every country in the world is unique, and the peculiarity of Eskimo cuisine is the Akutak dessert. It is a mixture of seal or walrus meat with berries and fish oil. You can taste the original Eskimo dessert while traveling in the Arctic.

Snake wine (Vietnam)

Vietnam is famous for its unique cuisine and snake wine — one of the «bold experiences». A live snake is placed in the bottle, and then rice alcohol is added. Due to the action of snake venom, the wine has a special harmony of aromas.

10 World Delicacies Worth Trying

Foie gras (France)

In France, upscale restaurants are a national pride. Foie gras deserves special attention in them. This is boiled duck or goose liver. The food is distinguished by its sophistication and rich taste. 

Puffer fish (Japan)

Japan is famous for its fish dishes, and pufferfish is one of the most dangerous fish. She has a strong poison in her liver. Experienced chefs carefully cook the fish, leaving only the safe parts. The most expensive delicacy in the world is intended for tourists who want to try it only in special restaurants.

Moose cheese (Switzerland)

Switzerland is a country of cheeses and moose cheese. Joining the ranks of the best cheese delicacies, it has become part of the country’s gastronomic culture. Gourmets note its unique taste, combining the softness of cheese and the aroma of freshly baked bread. 

Fried Spiders (Cambodia)

In Cambodia, traditional dishes may seem exotic. One of the specialties is fried spiders. Locals consider them a delicacy, giving travelers the opportunity to try something unique and special.

10 World Delicacies Worth Trying

Balut (Philippines)

Filipinos love unusual tastes. A balut is a duck egg with a developed embryo. The dish is prepared by pressing duck eggs on the ground. Such a treat will be available to those who are looking for unusual experiences.

Every meal during the trip is an entrance into the world of foreign culture, an expansion of the gastronomic horizons.Tasting the most delicious dishes is an opportunity to leave unforgettable memories for yourself. Your next adventure may be a gastronomic journey full of wonderful tastes and smells of the world.

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