Basic customs rules in Egypt

Preparing for a great vacation in Egypt

Egypt, the land of ancient history and amazing culture, is waiting for you with open arms. But in order to have a good rest, you should know the customs rules. Especially that you should not take with you to Egypt a list of things that should be left at home. Let’s see how to make your adventure as exciting and stress-free as possible.

Before you leave this amazing country, know that you should not take it with you. Egypt strictly prohibits the export of drugs, antiques, counterfeit goods and, of course, weapons. A thorough inspection of your belongings will save you unnecessary hassle.

What can be imported to Egypt? The answer to an important question should be considered in several parts.


Basic customs rules in Egypt

When planning a vacation, pay close attention to the rules for transporting things into the country. To begin with, let’s answer the question:How much alcohol can be imported into Egypt?You can import a limited amount of alcohol. Please note that it is allowed to import 3 liters of strong alcohol or 5 liters of wine. However, the import of fresh food, weapons, drugs and other dangerous items is prohibited.

Don’t be disappointed that every tourist can take a limited amount of alcohol with them. This is a great opportunity to try local drinks, but be sure to follow the restrictions to avoid customs fines. Only then will you be able to see one of the seven wonders of the world in Egypt, the Pyramid of Cheops in Giza. These magnificent structures represent a unique ancient heritage that is worth a visit.Egypt is also known for its ancient tombs in the Valley of the Kings. Pharaohs and prominent figures of Ancient Egypt are buried here.

Basic customs rules in Egypt

Lovers of underwater recreation will be able to enjoy the beauty of the Red Sea, rich in a variety of corals and colorful fish. But it is strictly forbidden to export these underwater treasures from Egypt.

In addition, tourists need to pay attention to the question of what is forbidden to bring with them to Egypt.Make sure your luggage is thoroughly checked to avoid unnecessary hassle at customs. 

When planning a vacation, remember to limit the number of cigarettes, usually no more than 200 pieces or 25 cigars. That’s how many cigarettes can be imported into Egypt.Compliance with the rules will make your entry into the country much calmer and your stay comfortable.

Egypt’s customs regulations are full of precautions that must be followed and prepared in advance. Also learn the art of shopping in Egypt. Trade in the markets and get not only pleasure, but also more favorable prices. Also, do not forget to declare the money. Find out in advance what amounts to declare in order to avoid unnecessary checks.

Basic customs rules in Egypt

A vacation in Egypt is not only an introduction to history and culture, but also compliance with customs rules for guaranteed comfort. Know and follow the rules of entry and exit, enjoy the beauty of the country and create your own unique memories. And then a trip to Egypt promises to be bright and interesting, to give you a lot of impressions and unique discoveries.

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