Flights to Dagestan are canceled or postponed

Flights to Dagestan are canceled or postponed

The airport of the capital of the Republic is temporarily closed, and therefore airlines inform passengers about the “shift” or the postponement of flights.

Ural Airlines had to postpone all flights scheduled for Monday. They will be held on October 31. Air transport to Moscow with a landing in Domodedovo will depart from Dagestan at 04:15, to Yekaterinburg – at 03:55.

All flights according to the previously established schedule to and from Uytash have been cancelled by the carrier Pobeda. 4 flights to the following destinations: Moscow airports, St. Petersburg and Turkish Istanbul have been canceled. Return flights have been temporarily cancelled. “Smartavia” along with other carriers refused to work on October 30. Today, the Red Wings air carrier will not serve passengers planning to fly from the capital of the Republic.

Recall that on Sunday, due to an incident in the capital of the Republic, the Red Wings airbus flying in the direction of Nizhnevartovsk-Makhachkala was forced to make an immediate landing not at the final point of arrival. “Victory”, with departure from Moscow, was offered another airfield. Mass riots disrupted the schedule of several flights: Red Wings flights to Moscow and “Victory” flights to Moscow and Surgut were announced.


The head of the Republic Sergey Melikov commented on the situation. In particular, he announced that flights to and from the Republic will be carried out through additional infrastructure. The authorities intend to act similarly to Sunday’s flight “Victory”, when the flight arriving from Moscow was redirected. Passengers flying this plane got to their destinations on a special transport.

According to the Federal Air Transport Agency, “Uytash” does not intend to allow landing until 02:59 on October 31. However, his usual work is questionable tomorrow, if law enforcement agencies do not have time to thoroughly inspect the terminals, runways and the area around the airport. 

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