How to get from Minsk to Moscow in 2023?

Как добраться из Минска в Москву в 2023 году?

In the spring of 2022, the two countries lifted all COVID restrictions and now the crossing of the Belarusian-Russian border has again become a formality. No PCR tests and ride apps are needed anymore. You can read more about this in the article at the link below.

Well, in this text I will fully concentrate on issues related to transport.

  • How to get from Minsk to Moscow?
  • How to find housing in Russia after leaving AIRBNB and Booking?
  • And how to buy all the tickets without going to the train station?

Read about all this below.

The most budget option: bus Minsk – Moscow

Как добраться из Минска в Москву в 2023 году?

I counted at least 10 buses that travel from the capital of Belarus to the capital of Russia every day. Some flights are organized by Minsktrans, some by private carriers. Therefore, I recommend checking prices and schedules on three sites at once сайтах:


Prices everywhere fluctuate in the same range (from 50 to 70 rubles). But everyone’s schedule is different. Therefore, you can come to Moscow even in the morning, even in the evening, even for the third round of the “Field of Miracles” program.

Как добраться из Минска в Москву в 2023 году?

There are also flights to Moscow in the line of some small carriers. Например,

  • VT.BY

But I repeat: the meaning is the same everywhere, plus or minus. Anyway, but a bus is a bus. You will sleep sitting down, and the passenger in front will surely recline the back of his chair on your lap. The driver will turn on a third-rate series about the everyday life of the Russian police. And Smolensk roads will cheer you up better than morning coffee. Therefore, think twice when choosing this option for a trip.

Bus Minsk  Moscow: travel time 10-12 hours, ticket price 50-70 BYN.

How to find housing in Moscow?

Как добраться из Минска в Москву в 2023 году?

I think you are all aware that AirBNB, Booking and other international brands have left the Russian market. After this happened, I started looking for alternatives to the usual sites. And in the end, I chose two favorites for myself. Here they are:

  • The first
  • Second.

Website No. 1 – focuses more on hotels and tries to become a substitute for Booking. And the other attracts tenants who have worked with AIRBNB, so apartments and apartments are mainly represented here.

In a separate line I will write more about the site Yandex Travel. There is also an excellent selection of hotels and apartments. And the site has a lot of promo codes (which I carefully collect here). Therefore, when you see the prices on the YAP website, be sure to remember that they are not final, and from this amount you can take another 1000—1500 RUB with the help of those promo codes.

Trains from Minsk to Moscow: their pros and cons

Как добраться из Минска в Москву в 2023 году?

More recently, in this very article, I called the train the best way to get from Minsk to Moscow. But in 2023, the cost of train tickets has increased markedly. Therefore, now everything is not so clear.

The cheapest ticket in the sitting trains of the Swallow class now costs 108 BYN. And for such money, you can already fly to Moscow by plane (for example, by the low-cost airline Pobeda). Yes, trains will take you directly to the city center, not to the airport. Yes, they travel twice as fast as buses; and the comfort level in the same “Swallows” is noticeably higher. But somehow this option does not seem ideal to me anymore. In myin the personal rating, the first place is now occupied by airplanes.

Как добраться из Минска в Москву в 2023 году?

The very train Swallow

You can check the exact prices and buy a train ticket to Moscow on the websiteRW.BY . Prices range from 108 BYN (in a sitting car) to 260 BYN in compartment trains of “international lines”. Travel time is from 7 to 10 hours (depending on the specific train).

How to get from Minsk to Moscow by plane?

The fastest and most comfortable option of all possible. If you are traveling with young children or just want to get to Moscow in 1 hour, not 10, then a plane will be the best solution for you.

Как добраться из Минска в Москву в 2023 году?

There is an opinion that the plane is very expensive. But in fact the cost of air tickets is quite comparable to the prices of trains. For example, the low-cost airline Pobeda is selling tickets to Moscow right now for 60-150 BYN. But a flight with Belavia will cost you much more (140-200 BYN).

The exact prices can be checked on the websites of these two airlines: and .

Advantages: high comfort, minimal travel time plus the opportunity to flirt with a flight attendant, knowing for sure that she will not be able to escape from you through the window.

Как добраться из Минска в Москву в 2023 году?

Cons: minimum baggage at the cheapest fares + the time you have to spend at the airport. Until you get to Smolevichi, until you pass all the inspections before boarding, it will take another 3-4 hours. Therefore, in fact, you will be able to get to Moscow in at least 5 hours.

Hitchhiking from Minsk to Moscow and back

The most unreliable option. But it’s probably worth saying a few words about him too. Suppose a girl from the Moscow region goes to Belarus for the weekend and is ready to take a few fellow travelers with her to share the costs with them. All you need is to contact her and coordinate all the nuances.

You can find a suitable ride on the sites blablacar and we are going.rf. And you can also climb on different VKontakte groups (like ). There are also constant messages about the search for fellow travelers.

Trips with transfers

Как добраться из Минска в Москву в 2023 году?

If you like unusual routes, then here’s another option for you to think about. You can get from Minsk to Moscow by splitting the entire route into two parts: Minsk – Smolensk + Smolensk – Moscow. I would have traveled the first part of the way by train. Well, then you will have a huge choice. Buses, trains, and minibuses run from Smolensk to Moscow. And two stations (bus and railway) are literally 500 meters from each other. Cross the railway tracks and you’re there.

You can view the schedule of the “Minsk” trains on the website RW.BY . And look for buses and trains in Russia on this site. I also recommend you to read my big article about Smolensk. What if you want to see another city along the way?

Return trip from Moscow to Minsk

Как добраться из Минска в Москву в 2023 году?

There are several points in the Russian capital from where flights to Minsk depart. Trains usually depart from Belorussky Railway Station (at Belorusskaya metro station). And buses leave from three sites. These are:

  • International Bus Station «Salarievo»;
  • Bus station Novoyasenevskaya;
  • And the bus station “Teply stan“.

All of them are located at the metro stations of the same name (Salarievo, Novoyasenevskaya and Teply Stan). Therefore, it is not difficult to get to them.

You can view the flight schedule and buy tickets in advance on the website . Buses and trains are sold here. Therefore, everything is very convenient in this regard. I think you won’t get confused.

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