Russian tourists will be able to get a visa to Sri Lanka for free

Russian tourists will be able to get a visa to Sri Lanka for free

Islanders love travelers from Russia and are always waiting for them to visit. For this reason, the Sri Lankan government decided to maximize not only the flow of tourists from Thailand, China, Indonesia and India, but also from Russia. They intend to achieve their goal through “free” visas for visitors from these countries.

The Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Public Security of the island proposed to cancel the visa fee. The Prime Minister of the country supported the initiative because of the economic benefits for Ceylon, i.e. Sri Lanka. The authorities believe that more tourists will be able to buy goods and order services. The most promising, according to the government, are travelers from five countries.

The exact time when Russians, Chinese, Indians, Thais and Indonesians will be offered a visa for $ 0 remains unknown. Presumably, this will be announced by the beginning of the tourist season. Recall that now when ordering a visa to travel to the island via the Internet, you need to pay a fee of $ 50, on the island it will cost $ 60. After the introduction of a free visa regime, a Russian tourist will be able to save 5 thousand rubles.


Aeroflot operates direct flights to the Sri Lankan city of Colombo. If you get there by connecting flights, it is best to transfer to Sharjah. In this case, a round-trip ticket will cost 65 thousand rubles. Another convenient and profitable option for a package tourist is a charter to Hambantota.


Sri Lanka is known for its beaches on the shores of the Indian Ocean, resorts with wellness programs. Tourists are shown Buddhist shrines, tea plantations, safari, rafting, surfing are offered. 

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