A special procedure for the entry of Ukrainian citizens into the Russian Federation comes into force

Ukrainian citizens living in Russia will have difficulties with returning from tours

A special procedure for the entry of Ukrainian citizens into the Russian Federation comes into force

The Russian government has introduced a special entry procedure for Ukrainian citizens arriving from other countries.

“From midnight on October 16, a special entry procedure will be introduced for Ukrainian citizens arriving in Russia from third countries. It was approved by a government decree,” the resolution says.

The government notes that this is a temporary measure aimed at maintaining the security of Russians in the current geopolitical situation.

Ukrainians can enter the territory of the Russian Federation only through two checkpoints: Ludonka in the Pskov region and Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport.

This innovation does not apply to Ukrainians under the age of 14 who move independently or accompanied by Russian citizens. If a child under the age of 14 is accompanied by his legal representative, guardian or trustee from among the citizens of foreign countries, then the general rules of entry will apply to the minor, the document says.

The order for Ukrainians who are on the territory of four new subjects of the Russian Federation and in the zone of a special military operation remains. They can enter Russia through checkpoints located on the administrative border.

Ukrainian citizens living in Russia may have difficulties with returning from foreign tours

According to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, from 00 o’clock on October 16, the entry of Ukrainian citizens arriving in our country from the territories of third states is temporarily restricted at the border points of Russia. The exception is the air checkpoint at Sheremetyevo Airport and the ground vehicle checkpoint – Ludonka (Pskov region).

The restriction may create problems for people with Ukrainian passports living in the Russian Federation and purchasing tour services here. In the discussion of the topic in the TG channel “The Roof of the Tourist house”, a concrete example is already being given: “I wonder how now to return to Russia for travelers – citizens of Ukraine? They flew to Turkey and the UAE from Mineralnye Vody and Sochi, return flights – after midnight on October 16 …”It is also known about tourists who went on vacation to Thailand and Vietnam from Yekaterinburg, their tours end after the date from which the entry restriction takes effect.

Experts note that the government order of the Federal Air Transport Agency and the Ministry of Transport instructed to inform Russian and foreign airlines about the innovation. This means that it is the air carriers that should provide measures for the return of passengers. How this will work in practice remains to be seen. It is possible that upon arrival at the Russian destination airport, a citizen with a Ukrainian passport will be redirected in transit to Sheremetyevo, and already there he will pass border control. Another option: the authorities will give an additional instruction to air carriers to make an exception for those who bought a ticket even before the release of the government order. According to observers, there are unlikely to be too many of them, we can talk about a hundred or two tourists.

Earlier, on September 29, Russian President Vladimir Putin established a list of documents for the entry of Ukrainian citizens into the Russian Federation. They can enter and leave the country without a visa using a Ukrainian passport, including expired ones.

In addition, according to the first paragraph of the decree, Ukrainians will be able to enter and leave Russia on the basis of a foreign passport, a diplomatic or service passport, an identity card of a sailor or an aircraft crew member or another document from the list established by the decree.

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