Norway has banned the entry of Russian passenger cars since October 3

Norway was the last of the Schengen states bordering Russia to introduce a ban

Norway has banned the entry of Russian passenger cars since October 3

Since October 3, 2023, Norway prohibits the entry into its territory of passenger cars with Russian license plates, a message about this appeared on the official resource of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of this country.

The statement says that “further tightening of restrictive measures against Russia” will take effect at midnight on October 3. From this date, it will be impossible to travel in any passenger cars with 9 or less seats, that is, the ban does not apply to passenger minibuses. The exception is cars belonging to EU citizens permanently residing in Russia, their family members and diplomats. Also, border guards can make an exception for cars crossing the border for humanitarian reasons, such as a trip for treatment or to attend a funeral.

This decision was made after the European Commission published documents on September 8 and 12. They contained recommendations on the intermediate import of various goods, including cars registered in the Russian Federation.

Until now, Russians could enter the Schengen area through Russian-Norwegian checkpoints located far to the north.

At the same time, we recall that Norway is the only one of the Schengen states bordering Russia that has so far continued to let tourists from our country into its territory.

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